Access Type Overview


Lift Access

On lift accessed trips, we`ll focus on taking the easy way up and look for readily accessible powder skiing. Backcountry touring equipment (AT skis /splitboards /snowshoes) are not required for these trips and uphill travel will be kept to a minimum. We may do some short boot packs up to a maximum of about 20 minutes. Fortunately it snows enough in Hokkaido that we can often get great skiing without too much hard work!!


Hike Access (Backcountry Touring)

Hiking accessed trips means that we`ll be doing the hard work of travelling uphill so AT skis, splitboards or snowshoes are required – if you don`t have your own, please inquire for rental gear and rates. In general we won`t use any chairlifts so expect to earn your turns away from the crowded ski resorts and enjoy pristine, untouched powder runs. On multi-day hiking accessed trips there may still be some lift accessed skiing over the week (sometimes lots depending on the weather) but the goal is to put on skins and head out backcountry touring as much as possible.


Lift and Hike Access

In general this refers mainly to our multi day trips (such as the PowerTrip, Mintara Express and Ultimate Pow Trip) where we`ll be equipped for everything and ready to capitalize on whatever the weather delivers. If its snowing heavily and the skiing under the lifts is great then we`ll lap up easy lift accessed pow or if the sun comes out, we`ll put on the skins and head into the backcountry. This can also apply to day trips if everyone is equipped for backcountry travel, we may spend the morning riding chairlifts and the afternoon backcountry touring (private trips only)