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Custom Packages

Pricing Varies

Private Trip Dates Available Upon Request

If you’re visiting with a group of friends then Black Diamond Tours will be happy to assemble a private Hokkaido ski tours for your group. To start, please have a look through our other multi day trips to get an idea of some potential itineraries and let us know which one looks best to you. From there, please let us know any specific areas you would like to visit, skiing interests, number of guests in your group  and how much time you have to ski powder in Hokkaido.

In order to help us design the perfect private Hokkaido ski trip for you and your crew, please fill out as many fields as possible on our inquiry form along with any details about specific areas you would like to visit, time constraints, group composition and anything else that may be relevant.

Please note that custom trip pricing depends heavily on the number of people in your group. Our maximum client to guide ratio is 5:1 meaning that groups of 4 – 5 (or multiples of that number) are the most affordable group sizes.

Accommodation arrangements on many of our trips are traditional Japanese style which means sleeping on tatiami futons in some hotels.  However it is also possible to arrange 3-star standard accommodation for our custom trips.

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